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REGISTRATION FOR RADCAMP 2018 IS CLOSED! We're all full with a waiting list already for this year, but please check here for other upcoming events/opportunities!

I'm excited to announce the 2nd annual RADCAMP : A Body Positive Boot Camp for Feminist Teens. Do you have an amazing girl in your life, too? Join me this April in Boise for an extra special weekend of education and fun. Let's help foster the radical notion that they can love themselves, be proud of their unique traits, set their own beauty standards, and use their voices to change the conversation.


Researchers, doctors and parents all have found that it's during our early teenage years and puberty that ideas about our bodies can be really solidified. It's a crucial time of change and growth and discovery about who we are. It's also a time when beliefs are formed and ideas are fluid and anything is possible. I've had the honor to speak to lots of young people about being an activist in your own life in big and small ways. About how to stand up for what's important - including yourself. It's something I teach all three of my children at home and a message I'm honored and thrilled to share with others. 

(Here's a great post I wrote about the inaugural RADCAMP in 2017.)

We'll be spending two days - Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 22nd - from 12pm-6pm together learning about self-esteem, body image and using our words and voices to make positive change in the world. To do so, we will be utilizing an amazing workbook, texts, media, movies, art, activism, guest workshops and each other to educate and empower a new generation of Idaho feminists. All activities, supplies, 2 books + lots of snacks provided in the $100 fee. Camp is open to ten girls ages 13-15. It's seriously gearing up to be pretty spectacular.

Thanks to many fabulous women who donated money from around the country, this year all ten girls will receive full scholarships allowing them to attend free of charge!


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Want to help fund the next generation of Idaho feminists? You can donate directly to RADCAMP for teens by using the button below. Any little amount helps!