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Amy Pence-Brown is a fat feminist mother who believes in opening her mouth and her heart. From both of these places she tells stories – as a writer on her blog and other local & national publications, as a historian giving tours for Preservation Idaho, and as a visual artist creating subversive stitchings and performance pieces and co-creator of Wintry & Summery Market and Idaho Vintage Market. As a writer, body positive activist, artist, historian, gardener and preservationist in Boise, Idaho, she has a master’s degree in art & architectural history and has worked at many museums and has juried and curated numerous exhibitions. Pence-Brown serves the children and youth of her community as a mother of three and as School Garden Coordinator for Hawthorne Elementary School. Her radical stand for self-love at the Capital City Public Market on August 29, 2015, in Boise, Idaho, was documented in a blog post, photographs and a video seen over 200 million times to date. Pence-Brown's message of self-love and the value of all bodies, no matter their size, went viral and has been written about by several publications and interviewed by the likes of CNN, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, People, TODAY, WGN Morning News Chicago, Idaho Statesman, and Idaho's NPR station - Boise State Public Radio. She has been named one of the top 50 Idaho Women of the Year twice and is the leader of the Boise Rad Fat Collective and the creator of RADCAMP: A Body Positive Boot Camp for Feminists & Feminist Teens.

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