Researchers, doctors and parents all have found that it's during our early teenage years and puberty that ideas about our bodies can be really solidified. It's a crucial time of change and growth and discovery about who we are. It's also a time when beliefs are formed and ideas are fluid and anything is possible. I've had the honor to speak to lots of young people about being an activist in your own life in big and small ways. About how to stand up for what's important - including yourself. It's something I teach all three of my children at home and a message I'm honored and thrilled to share with others. 

(Here's a great post I wrote about the inaugural RADCAMP in 2017.)

We'll be spending all day Saturday June 8, 2019 from 10am-6pm in a public location on the Boise Bench learning about self-esteem, body image and using our words and voices to make positive change in the world. To do so, we will be utilizing an amazing book or two, media, movies, art, activism, guest workshops and each other to educate and empower a new generation of Idaho feminists. All activities, supplies, a book of their very own + lots of snacks provided in the $80 fee. Camp is open to ten girls ages 13-15. It's seriously gearing up to be pretty spectacular.

I can testify on both RADCAMPS, the adult one for members of the Boise Rad Fat Collective and the teen one in Boise. On my personal journey, the weekend spent up in the mountains with such beautiful women, for me and the first time in a very long time, was about receiving. Be prepared to laugh, cry, receive, play, relax and create some beautiful friendships. I’ll always carry that gorgeous time in my heart. Teen RADCAMP has a beautiful precious place in my heart as well. One of my sweet employees at Curvy Girl Kate’s was able to go to RADCAMP: A Body Positive Boot Camp for Feminist Teens last year and loved it. I saw immediate impact the first day. Since her 14-year-old self has turned 15, I think the experience has given her tools to look beyond what others may think and appreciate herself in ways she didn’t know was allowed before.
It’s the small ripples that matter most to people and especially when you don’t even know your the one tossing the pebble to create it.
I’m looking forward to the day when Amy’s message is a natural way of life for everyone. What a day that will be.
— Bobbie Jo Howard

RADCAMP 2019 is full and registrations are closed! Please check this space in early 2020 for an announcement on upcoming kid/teens camps!

Thanks to proceeds from the sales of my Reviving Hilda plus-sized pin up calendar + a few fabulous women who donated money from around the country, this year all ten girls will receive full scholarships allowing them to attend free of charge!


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