*select pieces of press and interviews from 2015 - present


Toys of Terror, KTVB news piece on our annual haunted backyard zombie toyland each Halloween, October 2019

Featured in the book Girl Boner Journal: A Guided Journal to Sexual Joy & Empowerment by August McLaughlin

Featured in the book In The Company of Men: How Women Succeed in a World Built Without Them by Eileen Scully

Death Cafe, talking as facilitator at the Boise Death Cafe on my own death & funeral, You Know the Place NPR podcast, September 2019

Irvington Theater to Produce First Diversity Series Event to Focus on Women’s Causes, River Journal, September 2019

Idaho Vintage Market, Idahome magazine, Summer 2019

The First Annual Idaho Vintage Market, Greenbelt magazine, Summer 2019

Radicals & Revolutionaries Lab podcast interview, May 2019

All The IRL Fat Pool Parties We Could Find, Allgo, May 2019

Boise Bench Community Gives Vandalized Little Free Library New Life, Channel 2 IdahoNews news story, May 2019

Little Free Library on Boise Bench Repaired After Vandalism, KIVI channel 6 news story, May 2019

Tales of a City: Boise’s past comes to life in it’s historical cemeteries, Territory Magazine, Spring 2019

Taking Up Space: Fat Feminism, Body Liberation and Being An Advocate for Radical Change, University of St. Thomas Newsroom, March 2019


Featured in the book Guerrilla Kindness And Other Acts of Creative Resistance: Making A Better World Through Craftivism by Sayraphim Lothian

Boise Rad Fat Collective helping women partake in ‘radical self-love’ this holiday season, Idaho ABC & FOX affiliate news channels, December 2018

Positively Good Sex Contributes to Positive Health, Idaho Matters, Boise State Public Radio, December 2018

Tommie’s Body Positive Message Heard Around the World, University of St. Thomas, November 2018

Wintry Market 2018, television interview, KBOI Fox affiliate, November 2018

Made in Idaho: Wintry Market Artisan Turns Trash Into Treasure, television interview, KIVI ABC affiliate, November 2018

Boise farmers and artisan markets amp up for the holidays, Idaho Statesman, November 2018

Wintry Market: Handmade for the Holidays, Boise Weekly, (including full interview in holiday gift guide) November 2018

Boise’s Wintry Market, Greenbelt magazine, Nov/Dec 2018

The Zombie Baby Dolls In This Backyard Will Give You The Chills, Idaho Statesman, October 2018

What To Do In Boise This Halloween, Idaho Statesman, October 2018

Holiday Bazaars Are A Blast, interview for Wintry Market in Idaho Press Tribune, October 2018

Episode 3, Idaho: Fifty Feminist States, podcast interview, October 2018

Body Acceptance Is A Radical Act of Self-Love, interview in the Jackson Hole News & Guide, October 2018

The Radical Act of Self-Love, interview on Vital Idaho on Radio Boise, August 2018

Gen X, Age & Body Image, interview on Idaho NPR station Boise State Public Radio, August 2018

Can Gen X Women Love Their Bodies?, written by Amy Keller Laird for TIME magazine, July 2018

Fierce Fatties Summit, featuring nine badass body image activists hosted by BAM POW LIFE, April 2018

The Scout Guide, featuring four Boise bloggers, Spring 2018

Creme de la Corvallis, The Corvallis Advocate, May 2018

Amy Pence-Brown "Taking Up Space: Fat feminism, body liberation, and being an advocate for radical change," Oregon State University, May 2018

The Beauty of Big: Fattitude aims to spread body positivity in Boise, Boise Weekly, May 2018

Fattitude Celebrates Positive Body Image, Boise State Public Radio, May 2018

Self-Love And Raising Body Positive Kids With Amy Pence-Brown, Plus Mommy podcast, May 2018

11 Body Advocates Share Their Secrets for Silencing the Haters, Byrdie Beauty, July 2018


Local Activist Amy Pence-Brown Renovates Architecture Course at Boise State, The Arbiter, February 2017

Amy Pence-Brown To Speak at Idaho State University, The Idaho State Journal, March 2017

Ageism and Body Positivity with Amy Pence-Brown, Fearless Rebelle Radio podcast with Summer Innanen, March 2017

15 Babes Share Their Favorite Rules To Break, Because Wearing Horizontal Stripes Can Get Boring, Bustle, May 2017

Amy Pence-Brown Taking a Badass Stand for Radical Self-Acceptance & Body Image Healing, Life. Unrestricted. with Meret Boxler podcast, July 2017

This Mom Recreated Shots of Hilda, the Original Plus-Size Pinup & It's Glorious, CafeMom, July 2017

First Thursday : Print Boise 2017, Boise Weekly, August 2017

Look Up, Look Down: Printmakers Hunt for Boise History, Idaho Statesman, August 2017

Radical Self- Acceptance, Now I've Seen Everything, August 2017

Hawthorne Elementary Opens Native Plants Garden in Boise, Boise Weekly, October 2017

A school is showing off their new outdoor learning space, Idaho Education News video interview, October 2017

Artistic Touch, Amy Pence-Brown Local Tastemaker Holiday Gift Guide, Idaho Statesman Treasure Magazine, November 2017

Idaho Native Plants Learning Landscape & Teaching Garden, Hawthorne Elementary School, Compassionate Boise video interview, November 2017

Best Holiday Markets in Every State, featuring Wintry Market for Idaho, Food & Wine magazine, November 2017


Beauty With Plus, Hungarian blog & accompanying news site

Body Image Activist Amy Pence-Brown Returns to UI for Body Positive Week, University of Idaho, February 2016

Her Body of Work - “All Bodies Are Good Bodies” Said UI Alumna Amy Pence-Brown, The Argonaut newspaper, February 2016

KXLY Spokane/CD'A UI To Celebrate Bodies of All Shapes and Sizes, February 2016

Hefty.co, February 2016

Promoting Positivity: Body Positive Week Replaces Eating Disorders Awareness Week at UI, The Argonaut student newspaper, University of Idaho, February 2016

View, German magazine, March 2016

A Word With Amy Pence-Brown About Radical Fat Acceptance, Idaho Business Review, March 2016

The Mamalode Podcast, ep. 2, featuring me reading a story and answering questions about my TEDxBoise talk, body image, activism and parenting, March 2016

How 3 TEDxBoise Speakers Want to Reframe Radical, Boise State Public Radio, April 2016

Amy Pence-Brown on Body Image, radio interview for Health Stories Matter, Boise, Idaho, April 2016

SHAPE magazine, April 2016

Why Am I Fat & Happy? podcast interview/show for The Body Poscast, April 2016

Big Curvy Love podcast interview/show, June 2016

11 Influencers Discuss The Difference Between Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance, by Marie Southard Ospina for Bustle, July 2016

Women's Bodies: Security Risk, by Marci Glass, August 2016

Meet Idaho Amy : The Radical Self-Love Warrior, by Shannon Svingen-Jones, FabUplus magazine, fall 2016

Amy Pence-Brown: Fat, Fearless, Feminist Rebel, by Amy Atkins, Boise Weekly, September 2016

Viral Social Experiment: One Year Later & Embrace documentary interview, KTVB, September 19, 2016

Body painting performance art collaboration with Natalie Fletcher for Boise Film Festival interview, KTVB, September 26, 2016

Boise Bench Family Creates Haunted Backyard Hoping To Spark Tradition interview, KBOI, October 2016

Take A Tour of Cloverdale Cemetery for Halloween interview, Boise State Public Radio, October 2016

10 Women Who Seriously DGAF If You Don't Like Their Stretchmarks and Cellulite, Fitness magazine, October 2016

17 Plus Size Influencers Share Their Tips For Coping With Online Harassment, Bustle, November 2016

Amy Pence-Brown: Intuitive Birthing + Coping With Complications and Loss, The Birth Hour podcast, December 2016

Idaho Business Review Names its 2017 Idaho Women of the Year, Idaho Business Review, December 2016





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BuzzFeed (story)

BuzzFeed (video)

CJAD Montreal, Canada radio interview

Take Part

WGN Morning News Chicago




HLN's The Daily Share interview

HLN video

The Stir


Hello Giggles

Boise State Pubic Radio (NPR) interview




University of Idaho

The Arbiter Online - Boise State University student newspaper

The Argonaut - University of Idaho student newspaper

Good To Know UK 

The Daily Q interview December 9, 2015

See Jane Do October 2015 radio interview

The Dr. Oz Show, November 23, 2015

Tiny Buddha: Shedding Layers of Pain & Learning to Love Our Bodies

MimiChatter.com: This Woman's Body Positivity Project Should Earn Her Mother of the Year

Nigeria Daily News

Independent Journal Review

Smiles Happen

Shade and Sweetwater: Thank You, Amy Pence-Brown

Courageous Self Love: The Bikini-Clad Beauty Who Is An Actual Goddess

Friend of Marilyn podcast with Dr. Cat Pause, Episode 157, October 2015