STYLE: Nature Babycare diapers

I love these diapers. Seriously. When Lucy was born five years ago, we only had the usual suspects to pick from (Huggies, Luvs, etc.) as far as disposables. I felt bad about all the waste, but as a new mom in grad school trying to raise a baby, work as a curator, and write my thesis late at night, I had no desire to attempt the not yet vogue again cloth diapers. When Alice was born a year ago, I wasn't so self-centered and really wanted to do the cloth option, but the full time daycare situation didn't allow for it. Luckily, there were several earth-friendly options for disposable diapers to pick from.

My research indicated, however, that only Nature Babycare, created by a super smart Swedish mother, was both organic and biodegradable. They are hard to find here in Idaho, but some Target stores carry them (although, in my experience, none in the Boise area) and you can order them from Target online. I order my diapers and wipes in bulk from They are only around $44 for a case of 4 packages and when you spend $49 you get free shipping and they arrive in 3 days at your doorstep (Target's price is about the same and they, too, offer free shipping when you spend over $50). That's only a couple of dollars more than the better known disposable brands that are neither green nor cute.

We have also been pleased with their durability and feel. They are comfortable, keep Alice dry, and hold lots-o-urine. Plus, who doesn't like that darling leaf design on a tiny tush? A few tips: they do run a bit small and since there are no synthetic materials in the diapers, the rolling up the dirty business and tossing thing takes a bit of practice. If you're looking around for disposable diaper options, I highly recommend them. Give them a try.