STYLE: The Snuggie

It was around Christmastime that Lucy first started talking about The Snuggie. Those damn commercials were on every other half hour and she immediately fell in love with the mint green one, saying how she really needed it for "watching her shows." And, look! It comes with a light so you we can read books in bed, Mama! And you can get TWO! I'll get you the navy blue one so you can snuggle your baby! She and I talked many, many times about all the things you can do while in your Snuggie because the commercial gives you all sorts of asinine ideas like your family of four can get matching ones and wear them to football games. It became an instant joke around not only our house, but across The Internets, including a hilarious parody of the commercial on You Tube. I have to admit, it sounded pretty nice to me, because, really, my ARMS DO GET COLD when only using a blanket and trying to use the remote.

But, we soon decided to abide by The Compact when January 1st rolled around, so I knew it was out of the question. I tossed around the idea of making Lucy a Snuggie out of an old robe turned backwards, but I knew that wasn't going to fly. Luckily, Aunt Hayley and Uncle Dom kept The Snuggie in mind when Lucy's birthday rolled around.
They found it at Winco Foods, which apparently sells all kinds of made for TV products now, because I also saw the Topsy Turvy there. There were only two left (!) and they were both brilliant blue, but Lucy didn't seem to mind. I'm not kidding you - the kid shouted out with glee when she pulled off the wrapping to find the all too familiar box staring back at her. And, apparently, Lucy's not alone. All the kids at the party knew what The Snuggie was and seemed to be, um, a bit jealous.

It was an immediate sensation and passed around for all to try on. And, I'll admit it, we love the silly thing. Lucy and I cuddle in it when we are sick and it is pretty nice to snuggle up to my baby Alice with it on, especially in cold winter months. However, don't be fooled that you can wear it around the house, let alone around town, and walk easily. It's much like wearing a way too long robe backwards. Call me a sucker, but for the smiles it put on Lucy's face and for the many weeks I wore it, crying on the couch after The Layoff and drowning my sorrows in The Food Network, it's easily worth the $19.95 (plus S+H).