FOODIE: Crockpot Crazy / Green Turkey Chili

We love our Crockpot here in the Pence-Brown house. Eric, the real chef of the family, is a wonder at whipping up savory dishes in the morning before work, turning the Crockpot on low, and, back when I was also working full-time, we all returned 10 hours later to a hot, yummy dinner. I'm not too bad at the Crockpot myself, but that's the joy of the Crockpot. YOU CANNOT MESS UP A CROCKPOT MEAL. You just toss all the ingredients in, turn it on, and voila, insta-grub (well, 8-10 hours later, that is). You do have to be a planner, though, by having all the ingredients on hand and have the time to cut and dice everything while trying to get out of the house in the mornings. And, I've found, superior Crockpot recipes are really hard to find.

That's why, when I was sitting at the doctor's office in my little paper robe in the exam room a few months ago and I came across this recipe for Green Turkey Chili in an issue of Woman's Day magazine I tore it out. Now, I don't normally condone ripping pages out of waiting room magazines, but there were two copies of the same magazine there, one now unvandalized. Plus, the fact that the recipe was so good that I'm sharing it on my blog, redeems me. The link above will take you directly to the recipe and as I said before, it's good. Really, really good. We've made it several times now, sometimes with turkey and it's also delicious with chicken. We will bake up some canned biscuits (seen above), make some cornbread muffins, or just eat it with tortilla chips on the side. We like our food extra spicy, but you can adjust the ingredients to your taste. And, as always, a Bud Light with lime washes it all down oh so well.