FOODIE: Capri Restaurant

We have driven by the Capri Restaurant in the Budget Inn on Fairview Avenue near 27th in Boise weekly on the way to my mom's place in the North End. For some odd reason, it took me until this summer to see the marquee signage on this old school diner and take them seriously. Really? You think you have the BEST BREAKFAST IN BOISE? Bring it.
The first time we went was a surprise for Eric on Father's Day, as he loves a leisurely breakfast out and the greasier the spoon the better. As soon as we saw the line out the door and the bright orange vinyl booths I knew the Capri wasn't foolin' around. Their super loyal clientele was surprised to hear it was our young family's first visit and raved reviews as we all stood waiting for a table, reading the paper and chatting outside. The waitstaff was friendly and fun and I got a kick out of their kitschy tee shirt uniforms. Eric really enjoyed the chicken fried steak and I loved my omelet. We've been back a few times since and you always know you've found a good breakfast joint when a foursome of old dudes sit for hours chatting slowly over coffee are seated next to tatted up hipsters with bedhead still reeking of Jagermeister. And the pleasant vibe of the place combined with delightfully full bellies compels them all to say good morning to our little family of four despite our talking baby dolls propped next to their heads and the constant barrage of flying Cherrios. For all these reasons and more, the Capri has made its way into my heart as my favorite breakfast in Boise.