THRIFTY: Kid Finds

This summer I've been on a roll finding great stuff for the girls at my local thrift stores, so I've decided to highlight one day's purchases and pass on some killer ideas for repurposing goods for the kiddos.

I've always loved vintage suitcases, and in fact we have several we use for weekend travel. However, I have discovered that they make great storage for toys and look really cute stacked upon one another. The girls love opening the suitcases to find all kinds of toys they haven't seen for a while. Alice is holding a set of mini bundt pans that I couldn't resist getting for the kitchen. I have plans to make some cute individual dessert cakes in them this fall.

Thrift stores and garage sales are perfect places to find kids movies and games in good condition. It's so much cheaper than buying them new, and we can then pass them on to our littler friends when the girls outgrow them.

Here's Alice with another suitcase that is now filled with toys and some old Disney kids records. We have scored big time this summer by finding about 10 old Disney record storybooks. The girls love turning the pages with the chime, and it brings back great memories from my childhood as well. The old frames are part of a grouping being painted and prepared for a new art installation in my redecoration of the girls' joint room to come this fall. Stay tuned for more darling thrifty finds in that remodel!