AMY & REE: Comfort Meatballs (week 7)

So, The Pioneer Woman's cooking is all about comfort food, which is probably why I love it. I decided to give her Comfort Meatballs a try this week. I paired them with mashed red potatoes, and it was a nice, hearty meal on a gray February night. They meatballs themselves were yummy, and I especially likes the moist texture the quick oats provide. Neither Eric or I were a huge fan of the homemade BBQ-like sauce that covers them. It's primary ingredient is ketchup, and was a little too strong and overpowering for me. We both found them to be great leftovers the next day, as the sauce was less potent. They kind of taste like mini meatloaf bites, so I'd recommend trying them if you are a meatloaf lover.