AMY & REE: Homemade Ranch Dressing (week 10)

I have never made my own ranch dressing before, except for mixing the dry packet with sour cream, which I don't think exactly counts. I've made all sorts of other olive oil and/or vinegar based dressings from scratch, which are delicious, but I don't know exactly why I never thought to give this a try. I wish I would have, though, because it is really great. Anything with this many fresh herbs takes the cake (or better yet, the salad) in my book. The Pioneer Woman's recipe for it doesn't even call for any sort of fancy salad, just iceberg lettuce wedges. I made it last Saturday to accompany our dinner of salmon and baked potatoes and it was wonderful. We all loved it, including the two youngest and pickiest eaters in the house. We had enough left to use it for days later, as something yummy to dip carrots and celery into, as a baked potato topping and, of course, to top more salads. I highly recommend it, but make sure to chop the herbs really well because some people (aka my husband) don't like big chunks of parsley in their ranch.