AMY & REE: Spicy Shredded Pork (week 9)

So, I know I missed week 8 of The Pioneer Woman Cookbook Challenge and I apologize. I was on the couch all week with a nasty spring bug and, honestly, didn't cook much that week at all. My comfort food when I'm sick is the old fashioned original Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup from the can and tator tots. It's weird, I know. Anyhow, I'll make up a recipe somewhere along the line.

This past week, however, I made one of the most yummy recipes from her cookbook yet - spicy shredded pork. I think the pork cost us around $11. You make a delicious rub and basically roast it in the oven all day long. She recommends 1-2 tablespoons of salt in the rub mix and I'd suggest using only one, as mine turned out a little salty. By, let me tell you, our house smelled delicious and dinner was TOO DIE FOR. You shred the pork at the end and pour some juices on, warm some tortillas and make a little homemade pico de gallo and slice up some limes to squeeze on the top. It was amazing. And even better the next day. It makes so much food that we froze 3 Tupperwares full for later dates. My girls love to eat it plain and we just got some out of the freezer to make a pork spinach salad with Asian dressing. Sooooooo good.