KIDDOS: Keva Blocks

We discovered KEVA blocks while attending our first Discover Engineering Day at Boise State University last year. The day is free for families and full of fabulous scientific fun stuff, like playing with robots and building rockets to riding a hovercraft and understanding atoms.

It was during the BLOCKFEST event, though, that we had the most hands-on fun. It lasted about an hour, and you rotated to different stations each 10 minutes or so. Different blocks were presented at each area, from giant cardboard ones that the kids used to build towering structures they could crawl inside of to these tiny maple planks.

We loved the KEVA planks architecture set, so asked grandma to buy it for the girls' as a joint birthday gift last year because they are quite expensive. For the 200 piece set, it's almost $70.
Here's the product description from

KEVA planks are construction blocks that are precision cut, identical in size and shape and made of Midwest hardwood maple. Each piece is approximately 4 inches long, 3/4 inch wide and an inch thick. These perfectly cut, identical blocks will stack with surprising stability. Their simplicity is compelling. KEVA planks are used in schools, museums, art galleries and homes to teach everything from physics to language arts to design and sculpture. By purchasing KEVA planks, we hope your home will be a creative institution as well.
We have thoroughly enjoyed these at our house. They are fun for adults and kids alike, and allow for more creative play than some other blocks we have. The blocks are pricey, though, so it might be the perfect thing to ask those grandparents or Santa for.