FOODIE: Bagel Sandwiches

Way back in the day I used to work at a Noah's bagel shop at 4am every morning. I hated that damn job, but I did learn to love bagels and to make a mean bagel sandwich. Not like it's that hard, really. Now I make them at home all the time. My favorites are bagel melts, which are so much cheaper to make at home than purchase at bagel shops.
We buy our bagels in bulk from Winco Foods. (Alice and I love everything bagels, Lucy only likes plain, and Eric prefers sesame seed.) Cut them in half, pop them in the toaster, butter lightly and layer the halves with toppings of your choice. We often make 'breakfast bagels,' which consist of whipping and microwaving an egg in the microwave, putting said egg on toasted and buttered bagel half, top with thin sliced ham and a slice of swiss cheese. Place on a cookie sheet under the broiler and watch closely, warming just until the cheese melts. We also make them for lunch with all kinds of veggies, lunchmeats, and tun, all topped with cheese, of course. Makes for a delicious warm meal on cold winter days, especially when paired with soup.