BOOK REPORT: Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed

This is one of those books that are kind of life-changing, or, in my case, life-affirming. I've been a huge fan of Glennon Melton's for several years now. She started as a blogger, and her blog, Momastery, has thousands of readers. Glennon is a young mom of three and a recovering from everything addict and a Christian of the best kind. She's flawed and honest, gentle and kind, brilliant and hilarious. Here's the blurb from Amazon:
For years Glennon Doyle Melton built a wall between herself and others, hiding inside a bunker of secrets and shame. But one day everything changed: Glennon woke up to life, committing herself to living out loud and giving language to our universal (yet often secret) experiences. She became a sensation when her personal essays started going viral. Her hilarious and poignant observations have been read by millions, shared among friends, discussed at water coolers, and have now inspired a social movement. In Carry On, Warrior, Melton shares new stories and the best-loved material from Her mistakes and triumphs demonstrate that love wins and that together we can do hard things. Melton is a courageous truth-teller and hopespreader, a wise and witty friend who emboldens us to believe in ourselves and reminds us that the journey is the reward. Carry On, Warrior proves that by shedding our weapons and armor, we can stop hiding, competing, and striving for the mirage of perfection, to build better lives in our hearts, homes, and communities.
Her husband has been unfaithful, and they're still together, working through it, which she writes about with such heart and love it is truly amazing. I know it may sound sappy, but I can't recommend this book enough to women, especially. (Somehow I don't imagine it being that appealing to men, but I could be wrong.) It's a compilation of stories, many of which have been published as blog posts and on such prominent sites as Huffington Post. My favorite 'chapter' in the book may be the letter to her son, Chase. It's such a fast read, but has a waiting list at the Boise Public Library, so request it now!