By Lucy

ARTSY: Needlework for Wintry Market

We're celebrating our fourth year putting on Wintry Market | Handmade for the Holidays, an upscale and inventive indie art/craft holiday fair. I'm co-creator and co-organizer with my friend and local interior designer, Kristin Montgomery.
This year's Market will consist of innovative and original items produced using traditional art/craft methods created by 48 vendors from around the Treasure Valley. Also part of the Market will be a Kid's Craft Workshop by Bricolage, coffee by Joe 2U, baked goods by Boise's Bakery, food truck by P. Ditty's Wrap Wagon, local live music curated by Go Listen Boise and a winter-themed photo booth. For the locals, Wintry Market will be held Saturday Nov 22 (10am-5pm) and Sunday Nov 23, 2014 (10am-3pm) at the El Korah Shrine on the corner 11th and Idaho Streets in downtown Boise. Admission is free to the public.
In addition to organizing the event, I also operate a little vintage booth called Ticky-Tacky. I typically sell mid-century home wares and quirky items, and this year I'm adding some hand-stitched artworks to my usual fare.

As an artist, my work blurs the boundaries between fine art and craft. For me, the repurposing of found materials adds both tactile and historical elements integral to the contemporary story each piece tells. I learned needlework and cross-stitch from my mother as a girl.  My foundations with fabric, combined with my academic background, have allowed me to explore traditional women’s handiwork in a non-traditional way. Needlepoint has been an important part of America's past and a recent resurgence in the art/craft has proved its duration and importance in our lives. 

As a writer, words and storytelling are also ways I express myself. Combining contemporary text, often song lyrics from female pop stars like Katy Perry, the Dixie Chicks, and Taylor Swift, with stitching can be both playful and powerful. It speaks to history and generations, telling stories of women throughout the years - the (presumably) older ones who lovingly hand-crafted the vintage tea towels and linen napkins in the 1950s with the pop star girl power of twentysomethings today.

I've also made a handful of these lovelies, of course, inspired by Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch, of which I've been a fan FOR YEARS.

This year my ten-year-old daughter, Lucy, will be joining me. I've taught her how to embroider as well, passing along the craft, and she's decided to have a little booth called Embroidery by Lucy. She's making these darling little initials, some Christmas tree ornament sized and some larger to hang on a wall. Be sure to stop by our booth, as she'll have all 26 letters of the alphabet.

CULTURE: Our Oregon Trip

Our trip to the Oregon coast trip was so fun! Our first stop was Hood River a little ways before we were in town we saw Mt. Hood . The hotel we stayed in was right by train tracks after we brought our suitcases in we went swimming in the Columbia River. The next morning we were off to go to Enchanted Forest first you have to go through a castle then on a path. On that path you can go in a little rabbit hole. There are also dwarf mines, indian caves, and much much more. Me and my sister Alice went on a roller coaster that is connected to a mountain and it went so fast. Me, my sister, and my dad went on a log ride and we got soaked. After that we went to Corvallis it was so fun. Then we stayed for a couple of days. Then we went to our yurt on the coast. The beach was cold but we saw tide pools we made sand castles we also watched the sunset. Our last stop was at a campsite its name is KOA.This trip was so fun!!!


CULTURE: Silver City

My whole family and I went on a day trip to Silver City.  It is an abandoned ghost town, but not any more its not.  In the summer their family stays there in a building their relatives owned.   It took 3 hours on the drive, on the drive you drive on the freeway and turn on to a dirt road.

There is a cute little store that sells diamonds, crystals,and real live gold. Also they sell  rock candy that tastes so good .  We also played in a creek and we found crystals in the creek.

They also have some awesome pie and sarsparilla I never had sarsparilla but I guess I don't like sarsparilla we got these at a cute little restaurant.                                                                                                                           

About Lucy

Hello my name is Lucy and I am going to be one of the writers on the awesome blog.  I'm nine years old and going into fourth grade so I'm pretty young to be a blogger. 

Amy Pence-Brown is my mom the one who started this blog.  I'm also a big sister to Alice my little sister she is so curious and funny.  You might of heard of me and my sister on my mom's posts.  I'm lucky to be a blogger most kids don't get to do this awesome job.  I hope you like me as a blogger and I hope I like this job, too.